Air Quality

  • Air Emissions Permitting (State and Federal)
  • Emissions Inventory & Greenhouse Gas Reporting
  • Title V Compliance Reporting
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Emission Testing and Monitoring
  • MMS Gulfwide Offshore Activity Data System (GOADS)
  • MMS Air Quality Review (AQR)
  • Permit Application Preparation

    Prepared in accordance with State and/or Federal requirements, requesting authorization to construct, modify and/or operate stationary sources.

  • Emission Estimations

    Based on updated emission factors/software in conjuction with extensive in-house test (actual lab results) and/or analytical data.

  • Process Evaluation/Site Inventory/Sampling

    Process evaluations, site inventories and environmental sampling conducted to assess air emission point sources and associated emission rates.

  • Stack Testing

    Performed to determine exhaust stack gas concentrations in accordance with initial compliance testing or periodic monitoring requirements.


    Offshore emissions data collected, compiled and reported, as required by the BOEMRE.

  • AQR

    Air Quality Reviews prepared to accompany/revise Plan of Exploration (POE) or Development Operations Coordination Documents (DOCD), as required by the BOEMRE.

  • Process Vent/Lease Fuel Studies

    Evaluation and calculation of process vent volumes & lease fuel usage to support reporting information associated with MMS requirements

  • Emissions Inventory Reporting

    Provides actual toxic and/or criteria emission estimates and associated information, required under State and/or Federal regulation.

  • Title V Reporting

    Prepare annual compliance certification statements and semiannual monitoring reports

  • Risk Management Plan

    Plan prepared in accordance with the EPA's Chemical Accident Prevention Program requirements

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